Great work with awesome results!

Family with Mentors

More than 15,000 children in Minnesota have an incarcerated mother or father – and they’re among the highest at-risk and least visible populations of children. Parenting With Purpose (PWP) provides imprisoned fathers and mothers with parenting classes that focus on parenting education and support. Classes are designed to meet the unique needs of inmates who desire to learn how to become better parents, restore and strengthen their family relationships, and build a strong foundation in their homes.

This RMSFF grantee believes that holding incarcerated participants accountable for their actions, monitoring their children’s health, academic progress and behavioral needs, encouraging family goal setting, and providing support for everyone through coaching and problem solving is the secret to what PWP calls “breaking the intergenerational cycle of crime.”

There is trauma associated with the incarceration of a family member. PWP’s unique work brings healing, restoration and liberty to these families. They are committed to:

  • Creating an environment of self-sufficiency for their families;
  • Re-establishing, strengthening, and maintaining the emotional connection between incarcerated parents and their children;
  • Increasing positive parental involvement in their child’s education, behavior, and well-being at home, in school, and in the community;
  • Reducing the rate of recidivism;
  • Decreasing the chances of self-destructive behavior;
  • Improving relationships between youth, parent, and caregiver;
  • Improving school attendance and academic achievement; and
  • Improving behavior in the home, school, and community.

It’s their mission and they’ve had some success. Last year, they exceeded all of their goals.

  1. They provided Parent Education Classes to 500 parents; after class, 90% rated themselves higher in their parenting skills and, from prison, 87% remained involved or became more involved in their children’s school.

  2. Ninety-six percent of parents released from prison acquired a job or schooling; 100% acquired safe housing; and 96% remained crime free.

  3. Ninety-eight percent of children and teens who were actively involved with PWP remained in contact with their incarcerated or released parent; 96% reported or showed improvement in family relationships; none of the children and teens involved with PWP were involved in any criminal behavior throughout the year; and 92% have continued to attend school and show improvement or maintain their academics and good behavior in school.

  4. Of the families involved in the mentoring for life change program, 96% reported or showed improvement in family relationships; none of the children who participated were involved in any criminal behavior throughout the year; 96% of caregivers reported stress reduction in their lives as a result of working with PWP and 95% of participating caregivers successfully completed the goals they set with PWP staff.

Great work, PWP!  Thank you.