A Peaceful End of Life Experience

Our Lady of Peace Home

Our Lady of Peace is committed to delivering an individualized care plan for each patient that ensures a comfortable, compassionate and peaceful end-of-life experience.

They know when they’ve succeeded.  Family members tell them, family survey data prove it, and increased donations keep it going.

Continuous improvement is always in mind, so Our Lady of Peace leverages the same feedback to improve services for immediate impact to patients and their families.

There is still some time before their fiscal year ends, but Our Lady of Peace staff estimate that their RMSFF grant helped them serve about 280 patients last year to ensure:

  • Coordination of services to their patients;
  • Each patient had a Dedicated Care Team, consisting of:
    • Physician,
    • Nurse,
    • Social worker,
    • Pastoral care director, and
    • Pharmacist;
    • Increased communication and reduced response time; and
    • Patients and families were involved in care decisions.

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