Healing Care

Good Neighbors
Good Neighbors

The Neighborhood Health Clinic in Naples, Florida provides medical care to a population that has no other care option -- and yet, a population whose desire to work precludes them from public assistance.  Their patients work -- frequently multiple jobs -- and most do not have the benefit of paid sick days off work. So, Clinic services improve and stabilize their health so that they have less work absenteeism and suffer fewer negative physical effects as a consequence of the often labor-intensive work for which they're hired.

The results of Neighborhood Health Clinic services are easily measured:

  • Continued and stable family income due to fewer work absences;
  • Preventative and maintenance treatment plans for some health conditions (for example, rheumatoid arthritis) allows for continued employment in jobs that require repetitive motion or continuous standing;
  • Reliable employees retain their much-needed jobs, resulting in less reliance on public assistance;
  • Less depression about personal situations and family impact; and
  • Positive role-modeling for families and children -- they watch the importance their parents and neighbors give to preventative health care and healthy lifestyles.

Thank you, Neighborhood Health Clinic, for the good work you do.