Inspiring New Conservationists

The "Touch Tank" at Conservancy

The Conservancy of SW Florida exists to inspire children to become tomorrow’s conservationists and help to protect Florida’s water, land, and wildlife.

Sources of that inspiration last year at The Conservancy included 324 STEM Learning Adventure programs that reached 7,270 students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. RMSFF funding helped the Conservancy meet or exceed all three of their funding goals last year. The Conservancy measures their impact through learning objectives and behavior modification.

  • Participating students showed a 22 percent learning gain in key STEM concepts;
  • Ninety-two percent indicated they would change their behavior to help protect Florida’s environment; and
  • Seventy-four percent indicated an interest in a STEM career.

Seven of last year’s programs were new.

  • If you attended The Conservancy and were first or second grade, or sixth to eighth grade, you learned from ocean-themed programs that included a tool called the Touch Tank, pictured here;
  • Students in third to fifth grades participated in adaptations-themed and ecology programming.

All Conservancy programming aligns with Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and helps to fill a gap in the region’s environmental education offerings.

Learn more about The Conservancy here.