After-School Tutoring at Guadalupe Center

Posted on March 18, 2019 by Kelly Krupp, CFRE, Guadalupe Center

Edwardo Francisco Tomas, a second grade student at Eden Park Elementary School (Florida) has improved his behavior and attitude every day while attending the Guadalupe Center After-School Tutoring Program. Initially, Edwardo was always tired and would throw a tantrum when the Tutor Corps students worked with him on his homework. With positive reinforcement and framing Moby Max (a fun math computer application) as a reward, he has greatly improved. The Tutor Corps students have learned to give Edwardo space and words of encouragement while working with on math and homework problems together.

Edwardo is a wonderful example of a student who benefits from participation in Guadalupe Center’s After-school Tutoring Program. Not only is the program improving his academic skills, it is helping him to form better study habits and classroom behaviors and provides a safe place for Edwardo to spend his afternoons. Edwardo also has high school Tutor Corps students who serve as mentors for him and are role models for positive behavior.

The Guadalupe Center’s After-School Tutoring and Tutor Corps Programs are generously funded by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. We are grateful for their generous support as we impact children in Immokalee, Florida, breaking the cycle of poverty through education.