Employee/Family Matching Gift Program

The Matching Gift Program was established to encourage giving and to inspire philanthropy. It is only intended for Dick’s employees and family members.

To request a match, select the appropriate form from the menu bar on the left.


Eligible contributions will be made to charitable organizations that hold themselves to the highest moral and ethical standards and whose mission is consistent with the funding guidelines of the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation.  Eligible contributions will be matched 1-for-1.  Eligible recipient organizations must:

  • have a current ruling from the Internal Revenue Service that they are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) and are classified as a public charity under Section 509(a)(12), (2) or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (other than a Type III supporting organization), or
  • be a governmental unit (engaged in non-political work), or
  • be a tax-exempt religious organization (engaged in non-religious work).

Matching Guidelines

Matching funds may be used only for charitable, scientific, literary or education purposes.  Eligible contributions must be in the form of cash (including check or credit card). Pledges, personal property, real property, mileage, volunteer time, and expenses associated with making a non-cash donation are examples of ineligible contributions.  School tuition or fees, subscription fees for publication, or other such payments are also not eligible to be matched.

Only the charitable portion of a donation will be matched. For example, a donation that includes the cost of admission to an event cannot be matched unless the value of the event is first deducted from the amount of the donation. The remaining portion of the contribution can be submitted if it meets the minimum donation requirement. The recipient organization is responsible for determining the value of any benefit provided.

Contributions by spouses, other family members, and estates are not eligible to be matched.  Contributions may be made through personal trusts or family foundations if the individual contributed the funds held by the trust or foundation.

Matching funds may not be used to satisfy a legally binding pledge of any eligible person.

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation reserves the right to deny a request for matching funds if making a match would result in an appearance of impropriety or if the participant would receive any inappropriate economic benefit or if the matching funds would be directed to an organization whose mission and activities are not acceptable to the Foundation.

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation reserves the right to amend, modify, suspend or terminate the Employee Matching Gift Program at any time.

What’s Next?

To request a match, use the links on the left side of this page. One link is for Employee/Family monetary gift match requests; the other is for Dick’s grandchildren only to submit volunteer gift match requests.

Other Questions?

Please send an email to Brian Kraft – btkraft@schulzefamilyfoundation.org