Camp Kesem Supports Children Through a Parent’s Cancer

Cancer touches everyone in a family; for children, cancer can be frightening. That’s because an otherwise normal childhood is replaced with a new reality. Children’s lives now include cancer vocabulary, the impact of cancer treatments, and fear. Without help, this new reality can produce life-altering changes. For example, many children will withdraw from their friends and family and lose self-esteem. Many will struggle from social and academic roadblocks.

When their worried parents seek help, they find it at the University of Minnesota’s Camp Kesem — a summer program that supports their children through cancer and beyond.

This summer, Camp Kesem filled to capacity. The $12,000 grant award from our foundation sent 24 children to Camp Kesem, where they experienced two weeks of free summer camp.

Camp Kesem is grateful for our support and honored that we recognize their important mission.

We thank them for their good work!