Conversations with A

posted on Fri, Sep 29 2017 5:25 am by Angelina, College Possible Coach at Central High

He loves to learn, and he’s always asking questions to all of the College Possible coaches. Even more, A loves to debate.

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Grace Place Makes Children and Families Stronger

posted on Thu, Aug 31 2017 8:32 am by Mary Beth Geier, Florida Region Coordinator

Thanks, Debra, for your commitment to making the Grace Place Children and Families community stronger, smarter and more self-sufficient!

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Project for Pride in Living Defines Success

posted on Tue, Aug 29 2017 9:09 am by Maggie Haley, Project for Pride in Living (PPL)

“PPL staff gave me motivation and pushed me towards success.”

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Sun Coast Story

posted on Mon, Aug 28 2017 7:47 am by Joy Mahler

Watching this match in person is like watching two friends who have known each other for a lifetime.

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Getting More Out of High School

posted on Fri, Aug 25 2017 11:21 am by Eliza Wright, Reve Academy

"I didn’t know how to do any of that stuff before I came here. I feel like it’s gonna take me somewhere.” - Emmanuel

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It’s the subtle kindness of our neighbors that I will never forget...

posted on Sun, May 24 2015 7:32 am by Linda Carey Halverson

"I grew up poor and hungry, oftentimes my only meal of the day was a school lunch..."

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I am a reader!

posted on Wed, May 20 2015 6:34 am by Linda Carey Halverson

“Miss Mary, you know I can’t read. It’s too hard for me.”

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