I am a reader!

The East Side Learning Center (ESLC) provides one-on-one reading tutoring to children pre-K to fourth grade. In four, 30-50 minute sessions a week, certified tutors and well-trained volunteers work to ensure “that all children have the opportunity to read at grade level by fourth grade.” Their success in 2013-14 is measured in numbers and stories.

First, are some numbers.

  • Ninety-four percent (92 of 98) kindergartners were first-grade ready
  • Fifty-eight percent (36 of 62) of first-graders and 76 percent (45 of 9) of second and third-graders reached their ESLC reading goals

Next, is one story about ESLC first-grader, Andrew.

A struggling first-grader, Andrew was sad when he came for tutoring help from ESLC.  He frequently said to his tutor, “Miss Mary, you know I can’t read. It’s too hard for me.” Ms. Mary, one of ESLC’s caring adult tutors, assured Andrew that she could help. He would learn his letter names, sounds, and how to blend sounds to build words, she said. A promise kept, by spring Andrew was reading simple books and excited to tell everyone, “I can read!” Andrew’s Mom was excited, too. “I can’t believe how his attitude and confidence have improved.” Entering second grade Andrew no longer says – It’s too hard, or I don’t want to read. Instead, Andrew shared with ESLC staff after winter break, “I read to my baby sister now and she smiles at me!”

Thanks to ESLC, Andrew is clearly a proud reader – success for both Andrew and ESLC.

Thank you, East Side Learning Center, for your good work. You can read more about ESLC in their Annual Summary and on their website.


Posted on Wed, May 20 2015 6:34 am by Linda Carey Halverson