Immediate Changes for our 2020 Grantees

Fall 2020 grant requests awarded September 2020

  • We returned to our normal grant cycle schedule for this Fall 2020 awarding cycle.
  • Eligible grantees should be hearing from their program officers this week.
  • Letters with a link to your award acceptance document will be emailed shortly.
  • Once you have accepted your grant award, please expect your award check to arrive by mid-October.
  • Use your login and password to access our systems here.

Spring 2020 awards have six-month check-in due Nov 4, 2020

  • Our six-month check-in milestone for Spring 2020 grants (awarded this past April) is Nov 4, 2020; theĀ  check-in report is a quick way to let us know how things are going for you;
  • The check-in report is also an opportunity to modify any original objectives due to changing circumstances in your organization and the work you do.
  • Use your login and password to access our systems here.

We continue to review our processes and make changes as appropriate, with the overarching goal of eliminating/revising grant requirements during these challenging times.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Please email Linda Halverson with any questions.