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Please note: These are for your draft work ONLY; any submissions must be from within our on-line portal.

For grantee convenience, below is a list of Word (.doc) versions of our most commonly used grant process forms. Click the links to download the .doc version of the form you’d like to work with — play with the word count in your draft — and when ready, copy/paste those words into the on-line version of the form in our system. The word count calculated in your .doc version will align with the word count of the form in our system, allowing you to copy and paste content from your draft to the online form in our system. The forms are provided here for your PREPARATION convenience. You CANNOT use these forms for your actual submission — that must be done online within our portal.

New for Fall 2022 Cycle:

We have added a feature to our forms for the Fall 2022 grant cycle called shared questions. Beginning with our LOI, some questions will be shared to the Application (if your organization is invited to submit) . . . some in the Application will be shared to the six-month questionnaire . . . and some to the final follow up report. This means that answers you provide in the first forms in our workflow (LOI, Application) will automatically carry forward to subsequent forms in the workflow (Six Month Check In and Final Follow Up Report), saving you some valuable time — at least, that’s we hope.  If you get a chance, let us know how this new feature works for you; send email to Linda Halverson.

If you would prefer a .pdf version of the above forms, please email Linda Halverson.


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