Categories for Human Services Focus AreaDescription
Children’s and Family ServicesProvide child care, adoption, foster care, family counseling, parenting education, and other advocacy/child welfare services that strengthen families and promote the well-being of children.
Domestic AbuseProvides programs addressing the needs of individuals experiencing domestic abuse.
Food Banks, Food Pantries and Food DistributionProvide hunger relief in communities.
Homeless, Shelter & Crisis ServicesProvides assistance to homeless individuals and families through direct social services as well as advocacy.
Mental HealthBy invitation only, provides programs addressing the prevention and early intervention needs of primarily children and adolescents experiencing mental health issues.
Multipurpose Human Service OrganizationsPromotes volunteerism (like YMCAs, YWCAs, the Red Cross, Salvation Army) and provide a broad range of direct services in the communities they serve.
Social Services (not Multipurpose Organizations)Provides programs addressing the needs of the disadvantaged, the elderly and disabled and other specific populations; grief support; individuals experiencing human trafficking; and, community centers that provide integrated services.
Youth DevelopmentIncludes group homes, camps and youth ranches serving the needs of at-risk children, and recreation and youth service organizations providing camping experiences.