Categories for Education Focus AreaDescription
Adult Education Programs and ServicesServices focused on leadership and/or professional development for adults. These programs typically operate outside the formal educational system and provide an array of opportunities for adults to expand knowledge in a particular field or discipline, including adults who are encouraged to learn English or complete their high school education.
Early Childhood Programs and ServicesNursery schools and/or other education services that provide foundation-level learning and/or literacy for children prior to entering the formal school setting.
Scholarship and Financial SupportProvides support and enables students to obtain the financial assistance they require to meet their educational and living expenses while in school.
Special EducationProvides services, including placement and individualized programming, instruction, and support services, for children and youth who are gifted or have disabilities that require appropriately modified curricula, teaching methodologies, or instructional materials in order to learn.
Youth Education Programs and ServicesProvides programming, classroom support, after-school tutoring and/or instruction to school-aged students regarding a variety of disciplines and other classroom programs that enhance formal education. Post-secondary programs are included and typically offer formal preparation for semi-skilled, skilled, technical or professional occupations for college-age students.