Examples of S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

  • S(pecific) – Be specific. Provide a specific description of what you will do with RMSFF funding.

    Example: We will acquire and implement new software to track and report our program’s effectiveness.

  • M(easure) – Tell us how you intend to measure the above and its results.

    Example: Administer pre- and post-program participant surveys on line.

  • A(chieve) – What you hope to achieve or anticipate will be the result of your activity and our funding?

    Example: Last year only 28 percent of our participants responded to the survey; we expect a 50 percent increase in our participant response rate due to new software and online survey.

  • R(esources) – What resources — time, money, staff, partnerships, etc. — will you need in addition to our funding to achieve your objective?

    Example: Partnership with an outside organization to help with software implementation and training.

  • T(imeline) – What’s the projected timeline you have in mind to achieve this specific program objective?

    Example: Activity will be in late spring and be completed by fall of 2019 in time to collect summer program participant feedback.


Combined Example of above:

Program Objective #1 – By Fall of 2020, our participant survey response rate will increase from 28 percent to over 50 percent as a result of acquiring and implementing new software, staff training, a partnership with our software vendor and the resulting convenience of an online survey for our program participants.

Worksheets are available for your convenience here. And we are also available for a phone call (952-324-8937) or email to Linda Halverson.