How to Write S.M.A.R.T. Funding Objectives

Writing objectives for your RMSFF grant application can be tricky. It’s hard not to be too general and/or lofty (i.e., strategic plan level goals). In reality, the program for which you request funding is probably nested as one step within your strategic plan. And, to complete all your program work requires several more steps. Think of those steps as program objective(s) and write them accordingly.

When writing good program objectives for your grant application, it might be helpful to first and last ask yourself a set of questions.

  • Is the objective you’ve written Specific?
  • Is it Measurable?
  • Is it Achievable with the activities you have in mind and/or what do you Anticipate will be the result of those activities?
  • Do you have the Resources (time, money, staff, collaboration) to pull it off?
  • Is it time-bound with a Timeline?

These questions result in a helpful acronym (also a good word): S.M.A.R.T.  You will find different takes on this objective-writing model; here’s a link to ours with some examples we hope are helpful.

We’ve provided a worksheet for you to download and use, if you like and you can find it here.

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