Immediate Changes for Our 2019 Grantees

Fall 2019 Grantees (awarded in September 2019) – final reports due in Sept 2020

  • If RMSFF programmatic funding remains to be spent and you would prefer to use that funding on general operations during this difficult time, we are open to discussing that; please contact your program officer.
  • Reminders about the final report due date for your F19 grant award are in progress.
  • We have simplified follow up reports, further extending final report due dates, if needed, and are committed to reviewing and modifying, if needed, your submitted outcomes reports if you find that your objectives will not be met due to the pandemic.
  • We are open to extending the due date for your final report. Please contact Linda Halverson with that request.
  • Use your login and password to access our systems here.

We are committed to reviewing all future processes and will make changes as appropriate, with the overarching goal of eliminating/revising grant requirements.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Please email Linda Halverson with any questions.