RMSFF Coronavirus Relief

We are thinking a lot about all of you these days and exploring and planning ways in which we might be of help to you during these very challenging times. Our overarching goal with this immediate work is to be flexible with published timelines and always available to work with you to modify objectives, if necessary, in your outcomes reports.

Below is effective immediately.

Spring 2019 Grantees (awarded in May 2019)

  • The due date for your final outcomes report is extended to June 1, 2020.
  • Follow up report forms will be simplified to the extent possible and we are always available to work with you to modify objectives, if necessary, in your outcomes reports.

Fall 2019 Grantees (awarded in September 2019)

  • If RMSFF programmatic funding remains to be spent and you would prefer to use that funding on general operations during this difficult time, we are open to discussing that; please contact your program officer.
  • We are simplifying follow up reports, further extending final report due dates, if needed, and are committed to reviewing and modifying, if needed, your submitted outcomes reports if you find that your objectives will not be met.

Spring 2020 Grantees (hopefully awarded in very early April 2020)

  • We are moving up our Spring 2020 board meeting by a month to expedite approvals and award check distribution. Please check your record in our system and MAKE SURE we have the correct mailing address and email address for you.
  • Spring 2020 grant awards and acceptances will be managed online through your grantee record in our grants management system to expedite the process for you. Watch for instructions in your award letter, which you will receive via email from our systems.
  • If your organization is working remotely and your office is unattended for mail pickup, please provide a temporary mailing address via email to Barb Dunker to indicate where you want to receive your award check.

Fall 2020 LOIs and Applications (hopefully awarded September 2020)

  • The deadline for Fall 2020 LOIs is extended to April 24, 2020.
  • The deadline for Fall 2020 invited applications is extended to May 29, 2020.
  • We are willing to accept requests for general operating funds.
  • We began reviewing Fall 2020 LOIs on March 26th and will continue to review them weekly as they are submitted, followed by invitations to apply to eligible grantees. Responses to your submitted LOI may be a bit delayed, but we promise a response and we appreciate your patience.

We are committed to reviewing all future processes and will make changes, with the overarching goal of eliminating/revising grant requirements, as necessary.

Additional funding:

  • The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation has issued $500,000 in emergency grants to organizations addressing food insecurity in Minnesota and Florida.
  • An additional $250,000 in emergency assistance grants were approved on Friday for organizations meeting emergency, health and housing needs in Florida ($125,000) and Minnesota ($125,000 – including a $50,000 contribution to the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund).
  • We have added significant funds to the Foundation’s Best Buy employee disaster relief program for qualified full-time and part-time Best Buy employees affected by the pandemic.

Other funding resources for Minnesota grantees to explore:

Other funding resources for Florida grantees to explore:

What Shelter in Place Means for RMSFF Minnesota Office

The Office of Governor Tim Walz recently clarified what the new Stay Home Executive Order means for Foundations. For clarification and just so you know, the processing of grant payments at foundation offices will be considered an essential service, exempt from Minnesota’s Shelter-in-Place policy. This means that most Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation functions will take place remotely, but processing for grant payments will continue uninterrupted.

Please bookmark and return to this landing page and/or watch your email for updates. Please also feel free to reach out to your program officer or any of us on staff with questions or concerns.

We wish you all health, hope and increased patience as we work through these times together.