Award Cycle Changes and Timelines

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation moved to a two-cycle awarding year last year. Our award cycles are now spring and fall each year, with extended timelines when possible for LOIs, applications and follow-up report due dates. Everyone seems to adjusted to the change; thank you for your patience!

We now begin our second year of two-cycle awarding.

  • Spring Cycle 2017
    • Our board met in April; award decisions are made for Spring Cycle 2017
    • Program officers are contacting their grantees
    • Award letters and grant acknowledgement paperwork is underway
  • Fall Cycle 2017
    • Letters of intent opened on May 1-22, 2017; invited applications are due on June 16, 2017.
    • Grantees eligible for fall cycle 2017 funding include those who were funded fall cycle 2016 as well as any new grantees eligible based on our geographic and focus area parameters.
    • Six-month check in reports for fall 2016 grantees were due Mar 21, 2017 and are required to be considered for an invitation to apply for fall 2017.