Way to Grow is Great by Eight

Way to Grow Graduates

Way to Grow is dedicated to giving every child an equal opportunity to succeed in school and life. They begin with parents and connect them to basic needs and services that help them move forward with their families. They continue with their children, providing wrap around services that help them get healthy, stay healthy, learn and grow.

Way to Grow capitalizes on the developmentally critical early childhood years. They help ensure a child’s annual physical and dental exams are up to date, integrate reading into a child’s daily routine at home, work to increase a child’s vocabulary and school attendance, and facilitate family participation in school and community.

And, they do a good job.

Last year, Way to Grow exceeded their goals. They purchased over 2,100 books to help build family libraries and literacy support. As a result, 97% of Way to Grow elementary children made improvements on grade level vocabulary assessments, 92% of parents read to their children at least three times a week (99% read at least once a week), 95% of parents attended at least one parent-teacher conference during the last school year, 85% of Way to Grow children were up to date on annual physicals and 80% were up to date on dentals.

Way to Grow makes over 12,000 home visits annually and utilizes a strong partner network to make needed support referrals. They also have strength in their family educators, who “…build trusting relationships with families, identify family strengths and risks, deliver targeted interventions and help families develop and achieve personal goals.”

In the end, the children in those families win. Just look at their faces!