Healthier Food, a Vegetable Garden and a YMCA Partnership

Yogurt is just one of the healthier choices now available in PRISM’s (People Responding in Social Ministry) Marketplace Food Shelf, a choice-model resource to people in need.

Last year, 18,672 people visited the food shelf, where PRISM respectfully distributed 622,447 pounds of food.  Shopping for a five-to-seven-day supply of groceries, participants found a variety of nutritious food options and signage to help them make informed decisions. Healthier options grew, literally, as a result of an herb and vegetable garden to which participants also had access.

PRISM also provided assistance and referrals to help meet other basic needs and empowered clients to take positive action in moving toward long-term financial security through case management and lender direct assistance program. A partnership with the YMCA extended school hours to teach young people about resources for housing, education and food preparation.

PRISM services reduce distress and anxiety for food insecure individuals and their families; they keep pace with their ever-changing circumstances and they step up in the best way to provide support.

Thank you, PRISM, for the work you do in our community.