Bonita Springs Healthy School Food Pantry

The Healthy School Food Pantry is a program run by Florida’s Community Cooperative Ministries and a Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation grantee. In 2014, they used their grant award to expand the program to Bonita Springs middle school, where they provided services to underserved children and their families.

They report excellent outcomes for their work.

  1. Two hundred forty-eight middle school youth received supplemental food to fill family meal gaps at home;
  2. Over 100 families experienced increased access to fresh meat, fruits and vegetables;
  3. Two hundred thousand pounds of fresh food was distributed and 30 percent of this food was used in markets and mobile school pantries; and
  4. Referrals were made available to wellness opportunities through healthy cooking demos and providing healthy recipe ingredients.

Bonita Springs parents said that supplemental groceries helped them and their entire family get enough to eat when food supplies got low. Teachers reported that the pantry program helped keep stomachs full and students engaged. School administration said the school pantry helped them connect with and assist vulnerable students and their families. Finally, Community Cooperative staff and volunteers reported a positive response from all families accessing food from the school pantry program, noting that it is an effective tool to provide information about additional services that address some of the root causes of hunger.

Thank you, Community Cooperative Ministries of Florida for the good work you do!  Read more about the Healthy School Pantry.