Health & Medicine

We support health-related investments with insight from our Health Care Advisors.

The RMSFF has a history of making major investments in projects with the potential to reduce human suffering through advances to medical science. At one time those investments were disease-specific (Cancer and Type 1 Diabetes) and ranged from basic scientific research to capital investments in facilities dedicated to the treatment of critically ill patients and care for their families. In the current phase of the Foundation’s life, the family and the Foundation board have become interested in the great potential demonstrated by regenerative medicine and stem cell research. Although the Foundation does not do work in Alzheimer’s treatment or research, it has also become interested in specific neurodegenerative diseases that include Ataxia. The Foundation, however, is not open to biomedical research LOIs or proposals through its website and we would never fund research that used fetal stem cells. Research proposals are considered by invitation only and are referred to the Foundation’s board of Health Care Advisors for evaluation and recommendations to the board of trustees.

The family and board are focused on clinical ideas or projects that have the immediate or near-term potential for improved impact in the treatment of critically ill patients. (Pictured right, Marshall, Children’s Hospital Minnesota patient.)