Workplace Readiness Program is Largest Ever


Genesys Works Workplace Readiness Participants

Genesys Works “bridges the gap between education and business” and last year, the RMSFF grantee set out to recruit 250 new students to their summer training for workplace readiness and business technology. They hit their 250 mark and a little more, receiving 905 program applications (up from 731 the previous year). They vetted those applications and accepted almost 300 students into their summer training. Making things a bit easier for participating students, RMSFF funding also helped with transportation needs — 89% of their program participants used public transportation. In the end, 232 students completed their summer training AND earned a paid internship – a 77% completion rate!

No surprise, then, that 99% of their students gave satisfied or very satisfied grades to Genesys. That’s good in a few ways.

First, it provides Genesys with some feedback that lets them know they’re on the right track! Second, the students begin a meaningful, paid internship for which they are more than ready and have a positive outlook. Third, their student-focused programming and help from foundations like ours promise an even greater number of applications for next summer’s training.

Something is right at Genesys Works.  Thank you!