Children grow at Hope Academy

A four-time foundation grantee, Hope Academy partners with urban families to help equip their children to become responsible, servant leaders for the future of Minneapolis, “… citizens who work for justice, economic opportunity, racial harmony, hope for the family, and joy in the community.” Their extended school year includes summer months and an enrichment program, which the foundation has supported since their first grant in 2010. 

In 2016, they achieved all their program objectives, which included 366 students participating in their summer program. One of their measurements is a parent survey, which showed that 98 percent of parents believe that Hope Academy is essential to their children’s spiritual growth, and plays a key role in character development and academic achievement. 

In 2016, Hope Academy students scored significantly higher on standardized math and reading tests than their counterparts in neighboring schools. In their 2015-16 award year, 100 percent of Hope Academy’s graduating class were accepted to 2- or 4- year colleges, with students receiving significant honors and awards from the Act Six program for emerging urban leaders, the Inverted Arts scholarship, the HOPE scholarship, and the colleges of their choice.

Hope Academy is currently focused on serving a growing number of children and families in inner-city Minneapolis. In partnership with the RMSFF, they aim to provide more time on task in reading, math and other core subjects, increased opportunities for students to expand their horizons through arts, parks and museums across the city, and growth in student temperament and character.