Collier County Community Assessment

The Collier County Assessment Report is complete! Links here and to the left provide access to the full report, an executive summary of the report, and appendices to the report.


The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation wants to better understand the challenges and issues affecting Collier County residents. In September 2016, the foundation and its strategic partners contracted with QQ-Research to initiate a community study of Collier County, Florida. The assessment, designed and implemented by QQ-Research, will help identify and quantify the conditions, needs, and assets of the community, as well as analyze access to and delivery of resources to the county’s residents.

The study’s objectives intend to:

  1. Identify possible unmet service needs and gaps within Collier County;
  2. Identify possible community assets and resources; and
  3. Provide findings that allow stakeholders to develop priorities and strategies that address the findings and utilize and mobilize existing community resources to help meet the identified needs and bridge the identified gaps.

To effectively complete the study, Q-Q Research utilizes a community-based participatory approach that allows for feedback and input and empowers community stakeholders to voice their experiences!

Study Design

To kick off the study’s design, the research team facilitated an interactive visioning session with the RMSFF Community Assessment Advisory Committee that allowed the committee to share their opinions around the project’s goals. Session results helped define the needs assessment scope to include an appraisal of the following eight domains:

  1. education,
  2. employment & economic opportunity,
  3. environment,
  4. health,
  5. housing,
  6. recreation & leisure (including culture & the arts),
  7. safety, and
  8. transportation/infrastructure.

Data collection methods include pen and paper surveys, face-to-face interviews with focus groups and a limited-online survey opportunity, which will be advertised through social media venues. The committee intends to maximize other national, state, county and local organization reports and data to ensure a qualitative/quantitative data balance.

Reporting Outcomes

At completion, Q-Q Research will prepare a community assessment report, integrating assessment survey findings, secondary data analyses, interviews, group discussions and focus groups. The report will include a socio-demographic resident profile, analysis and descriptions of other existing databases, residents’ needs, resources available to residents, and gaps in existing services. The report will be presented to the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, assessment stakeholders, local organizations and the community.

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and our strategic partners encourage all community residents to participate in the survey! We appreciate and look forward to your valuable input, especially as we attempt a solid review and analysis of Collier County’s needs. Finally, we look forward to presenting the study’s results to the community when they become available in early 2018.