About Us

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation (RMSFF) was created in 2004 by Best Buy founder, Dick Schulze, to give back to the communities where Dick and his family grew up — in Minnesota, where he built Best Buy to become the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer and in Florida, where he now maintains a permanent residence. Schulze and his family believe that a good education, a supportive family and a strong work ethic prepare children for a successful future. To support that belief, we support organizations operating in the areas of human & social services, education, including college and early learning scholarship awards and health & medicine.

We look to support, by invitation only, high-performing schools and mental health organizations that have a lengthy and positive funding history with the foundation and that hone in on prevention, early intervention and children’s/adolescent mental health issues.

We are open to proposals supporting rigorous, effective after-school and camp  educational programming focused on reading, writing, math, science, entrepreneurship and tutoring. We also watch for high-achieving college students who want to pursue teaching careers and are committed to reducing burdensome school debt loans for students and their working class families.

Organizations that help families move toward self-sufficiency by providing food, meals, and housing or shelter get our attention. We also watch for ways we can support organizations that assist adults and their families with initial transitional needs while coping with serious medical challenges. Personally impacted by cancer and Type 1 diabetes, the Schulze family understands the challenges that families endure while battling a life-limiting disease. Our founder knows the unthinkable can happen and cause hindering family crises on paths to successful futures.  In that spirit, we support human and social service agencies that assist these families in meeting their daily needs. We also support health care, health care providers and regenerative medical research that has in-clinic treatment-producing potential. Finally, we recognize the importance of entrepreneurial thought and action and support, through our education focus area, promising transformational ideas that challenge the norm.

We focus most of our grant-producing activities on nonprofits serving working and middle class families in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties in Minnesota and in Charlotee, Collier, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties in Florida. But, some of our work is national in character. Our vision is to connect in meaningful ways with grantees to make strategic contributions that achieve specific, measurable outcomes.