Staff Directory

Mark Dienhart, Ph.D. – President & CEO

Mark can be reached at 952/324-8910

More about Mark here.





Barb Dunker – Office & Grant Administrator

Barb can be reached at 952/324-8910

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Steve Hoeppner – Vice President

Steve can be reached at 952/324-8923

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Mike Zumwinkle – Senior Program Officer

Mike can be reached at 952-324-8945

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Marla Friederichs – Senior Program Officer and Scholarship Program Manager

Marla can be reached at 952/324-8933

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Linda Carey Halverson, Ed.D. – Senior Program Officer, Grants Management and Technology

Linda can be reached at 952/324-8937 or More about Linda here.





Mary Beth Geier – Florida Director

Mary Beth can be reached at 239/263-9400

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Berit Allar, Program Associate

Berit can be reached at 952/324-8935

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Brian Kraft – Program Officer

Brian can be reached at 952/324-8913

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Sheila Otto Phillips, Program Officer

Sheila can be reached at 952-324-8928

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Kelly Webster, Esq., Senior Program Officer and Legal Counsel

Kelly can be reached at 952/324-8936

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Ana DiMercurio, Program Officer

Ana can be reached at 239/263-9400

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Charles Keffer, Ph.D., Senior Consultant

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