Foundation Operating Principles


Good Stewardship Counts

We believe in accountability and working with grantees to make sure funds are successfully used for the purposes intended and desired results are documented and reported.

Importance of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action

We believe entrepreneurial thought and action is crucial to the future success of grantees, of the country and its economy and are focused on improving the odds of success for future generations of entrepreneurs.

Rigor and Competition

We believe improvement in the learning and performance of U.S. K-12 students versus their international peers is vital to this country’s future and the future of its economy and that rigor and competition furthers that improvement.

Everyone Matters

We believe that, despite the focus of public policy and resources, there are still significant and persistent human services needs within our areas of geographic emphasis that need to be addressed by those capable of doing so with private resources and that the needs of working- and middle-class families are often overlooked.

Leverage Produces Greater Good

We believe that challenge grants and other forms of grant making can create leverage to gain further financial support and that grantees who are so motivated are excellent partners.